Fresh one-of-a-kind jewelry in wood, polyurethane, and sterling silver featuring Laura Jaklitsch's signature innovative inlay technique.  Bold, graphic lines and thoughtful color palettes.  



My work is made from an experimental inlay process involving wood and polyurethane.  I let the process direct the work, while making deliberate color and composition choices. The color palette evolves organically as I am making each piece, often to represent landscape, place, or feeling. 

The painterly, gestural process of cutting to into the wood block and pouring the dyed polyurethane is contrasted with the diligence of the findings and the graphic quality of the lines. The resulting pieces are a delicate balance of both experiment and precision, and the wood and plastic abstractions begin to take on a precious, symbolic feeling.  To maximize sustainability, I use recycled metals. The woods I use in my work are cutoffs sourced from other wood workers or companies that use responsible forestry practices.